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Leading the next wave of medtech innovation

Our team has been at the forefront of healthcare for the past four decades. The drive for continuous innovation has taught us to diligently prepare for the next wave of medtech transformation. COVID-19 brought a tidal wave of change, fundamentally altering the course of healthcare and medtech. Specifically, the pandemic fast-tracked the digital healthcare industry from a multi-million-dollar industry to a quarter-trillion-dollar industry.

The past few years offered deep insight to fundamental gaps in the healthcare industry and an opportunity improve patient outcomes through emerging technologies. Ainos is transforming itself into a diversified medtech leader through three innovative business arms:

 1. Pharmaceuticals – Leveraging more than 100 scientific and clinical data studies to establish the next generation of low—dose interferons solutions.
 2. Medical Devices – Developing AI-driven, telehealth-friendly point-of-care-testing solutions centered on improved user experience and high-quality diagnostics.
 3. Preventive Medicine - Expand the commercial applications of medical breakthroughs resulting from COVID-19.

Higher-quality of life through lower-dosage

Our pharmaceutical division has nearly four decades of experienced paired with over a hundred scientific and clinical studies. We are committed to a better understanding of low-dose interferon and its applications in strengthening the human body to fight disease or improve innate healing capabilities. We believe our clinical work will improve patient outcomes for various diseases such as Thrombocytopenia and Sjogren’s Syndrome.

Healthcare revolution through AI Evolution

The Medical Device Division and AI Nose technology is a large step toward unlocking the final piece of medical diagnostic digitization, smell. Volatile organic compounds (VOCs) within the human body can be digitally profile and provide a future blueprint for personalized medicine. We refer to the digital ID related to VOCs as “Smell ID”. Our AI algorithms are transforming these Smell IDs into a value-added diagnostics and health acumen.

By combining leading-edge MEMS semiconductor manufacturing processes with easy-to-use, in-vitro diagnostics, point-of-care testing (IVD-POCT) devices, Ainos can quickly disseminate around the world. Within a few short years, Ainos launched AI-powered IVD-POCT devices for rapid COVID-19 detection, ventilator associated pneumonia detection, non-invasive feminine health diagnostics, and more.

Shifting scientific breakthroughs to medical norms

Our Preventive Medicine Division is pushing the success of mRNA COVID-19 vaccines to further established SRNA’s promising potential in speeding pharmaceutical innovation. Ainos is pushing forward to expand the applications of SRNA. Beginning with improve vaccines, Ainos envisions mRNAs as the future cornerstone of treatments for oncology and acute inflammatory disease.

From strong past to a promising future

We embarked on our transformation journey in 2020 by integrating our robust research team with strategic partners around the globe. Through these partnerships, we’ve gained new intellectual properties, VOC AI algorithms, a healthcare digital nose, and strong pipeline of innovative IVD-POCT technologies. Going forward we will leverage our diverse competencies to tackle our generations greatest unmet medical needs in female health, infectious disease, and more.

SINCE 1984

Our history


Founded on core technology of non-injectable interferon alpha


Phase III Clinical Trial – "Treatment of Primary Sjogren’s Syndrome With Low-Dose Human Interferon Alfa Administered by the Oromucosal Route: Combine Phase III Results"


Phase II Clinical Trial - "Low-dose interferon alpha as prophylaxis against viral respiratory illness: a double-blind, parallel controlled trial during an influenza pandemic year"


Phase II Clinical Trial – "A Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Low-Dose Oral Interferon-Alpha in Preventing Hepatitis C Relapse"


Reorganized and emerged from Chapter 11 as a diversified healthcare enterprise, no debt


Received 3 U.S. patents, 1 Taiwan patent related to thrombocytopenia


Received 2 Taiwan patents, 1 China patent related to proprietary SMART pulsatile insulin infusion pump


Begins our medtech transformation, acquires digital nose diagnostic technologies and 50+ patents, renames to Ainos, Inc, and changes stock symbol to AIMD

Scientific innovation is rooted in good science.
We hold over 60 patents, active and pending, with many more in the works.
We have conducted more than 60 interferon clinical trials.

60+ Total patents
50+ Digital nose patents
60+ Interferon clinical trials



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