AI Nose key concept

Sensor Array mimics nose neurons + AI Pattern Recognition algorithm simulates brain

AI Nose core competencies

Sensor material + MEMS + AI + Smell ID Cloud


Ultrasensitive, Super small, Low power,
Multi-gas gas sensor array.



At Ainos, we use advanced carbon nanomaterial technology to develop our series of biological information products.

Our medical-grade pneumonia diagnosis devices use nano-polymer materials, MEMS microchip technology, bionic algorithms and analysis systems that integrate to combine with artificial respirators and an electronic nose system sensing device that provides identification functions and real-time, continuous detection and monitoring.

We employ world-class technical capabilities such as MEMS semiconductor processes to miniaturize the sensor, which then evolves into the AI Nose module product via AI technology. Our mission is to not only develop valuable products, but moreover to make use of our uniqueness to transform the world and contribute to creating a better future for mankind.