Ainos Flora


Ainos Flora is a portable analyzer for vaginal infection and sexually transmitted diseases. In one minute, Ainos Flora tells you if you are infected, and the likely pathogen causing the infection.


• Detect common vaginal diseases in women including
   • Bacterial Vaginosis
   • Vaginal Candidiasis
   • Trichomoniasis
   • Gonorrhea

• Analyze the gas emitted from the vagina to detect vaginosis
• Implement Gas Sensor Array + AI Pattern Recognition Technology
• Fast and non-contact inspection method
• High accuracy. Available be used as medical inspection equipment
• Easy to use and general women can self-test at home
• With the app, the test results are displayed on your smartphone
• The test results are digitized and can be uploaded to the cloud for Telemedicine
• Replaceable cover to avoid cross-infection
• IPX7 waterproof rating
• Compliant with CE / FDA / TFDA certification

Operation convenience

Usage Scenarios