Taiwan's three major science parks have always been important towns for industrial technology research and development and innovation, and the achievements of industrial innovation technology have been quite successful. The "Future Tech 2017" sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Technology debuted at World Trade Center III today (28). Gathering National Academic Organizations, three legal person scientific research institutions, and three science parks to jointly exhibit. Among them, Hsinchu Science Park, Centra Taiwan Science Park and Southern Taiwan Science Park will display 5 to 6 outstanding innovation and research results, showing the strong research and development of Taiwan's science and technology island strength. One of the highlight technologies in this show is the TCNT's "Rapid Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Diagnosis Device".

After nearly 5 years, the world's only pneumonia gas sensor was developed.

Provide a precise medical diagnosis technology for acute and severe patients, creating more life miracles.

The principle is to use the gas exhaled by intubation or tracheotomy patients, through the patented gas sensor chip and bacterial strain database for big data analysis, the screening can be completed within 10 minutes. The accuracy rate is more than 80%, which helps doctors shorten the time to identify bacteria, quickly diagnose whether patients are infected with pneumonia, provide doctors' reference for medication, and increase the survival rate of patients.


Technical Name:

Rapid Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Diagnosis Device


Technical Introduction:

Rapid Ventilator Associated Pneumonia Diagnosis Device is realized with nano-polymer materials, MEMS chip technology, bionic algorithms and analysis systems, It is integrated into an electronic nose system sensing device that can be combined with an artificial respirator and has an identification function, and can perform real-time and continuous detection and monitoring.