AI Nose key concept

Sensor array mimics nose neurons + AI pattern recognition algorithm simulates brain More sensor in the array is better, captures more data for AI

AI Nose

Sensor material + MEMS + AI + Smell ID Cloud

Our sensor
• MOS-type sensor array, manufactured with MEMS technology.
• Key features: AI-capable, ultrasensitive, super small, low power, multi-gas gas sensor array. AI optimizes detection and enables in-App function upgrades. Perfect for IOT.
Core competencies
• Sensor material: enables fast response, superb sensitivity
• Patented MEMS technology: enables small size, low power. Perfect for smart connected devices
• AI + Smell ID Cloud: enhances ability of learn the smell
• Medical experience: AI Nose platform originated from medical application


Ultrasensitive, super small, low power, multi-gas gas sensor array.

• Available gas options: hydrogen sulfide (H2S), ammonia (NH3), carbon monoxide (CO), alcohol (C2H6O), formaldehyde (HCHO), hydrogen (H2), Total VOC
• Customer can choose gas options into the module
• AI capable: embedded MCU and AI algorithm

Technology development direction

Vision: To become a true electronic AI nose

Development focus: From "gas-smelling sensor" to "all odor-smelling electronic nose"
• Better sensors: develop all-in-one modules, new sensing materials -> improve accuracy and recognition
• stronger map: Collect more gas maps -> Expand the types of gas that can be identified -> Identify odors
• Wider application: air quality detection -> health detection -> medical diagnosis
• More diverse carriers: mobile phones -> wearable devices -> home appliances -> IoT -> medical equipment -> robots